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I began competing in figure competitions because I missed the competitive edge I had as a young girl. Doing a show is just like running a marathon or power lifting. For example, you train and then show what you have on the day of the race or competition. I ran a marathon before but did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would.

When competing in a figure competition, you can’t just get all pumped up for that minute on stage. You have to train for years to get the muscle mass needed to do well, and diet day in and day out. You need to find a diet that works for you. Every diet theory is different. Not everyone has it in them. A lot get all cut up for a couple minutes on stage but my true passion is to be STAGE READY all the time, not just a couple days of the year. That means I am always dieting and always training as if I have a show the next week, no matter what. That takes a lot of discipline, dedication, and determination. Not everyone has it in them. Do you?

No matter what level of fitness you are at you can always work for a bikini/figure/bodybuilding competition, starting with the basics and becoming advanced athlete. With no matter what challenges are in your way, if you want a lean, rock hard body, then you are the only one stopping yourself.

I would love to make it all the way to the Olympia one day. I know I can do it with enough work ethic and drive from my stubborn soul. That is my personal goal. My professional goal is to be the best personal trainer/coach for every goal my clients have. I will be there, through their good and bad times!