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USA’s 2012- July 28th

USA’s 2012- July 28th

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Team Universe 2012- July 7th

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Jr Nationals June 15, 2012

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Chicago here I come for my 2nd national level show of 2012. Every show I try to compete against only myself as I strive to get better. Increasing lean tissue and keeping tight is the goal. Let the fun begin!

Jr. USA May 19, 2012

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Competition is rolling in fast. I hope to look better than I ever have! I have put on some solid weight since last National Level Competition I have done. Thanks for everyone’s support!

Super set week, Leg Day!

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Today’s lift was done at home in my studio… no mood to wait for machines when I am doing super sets!

Leg extension super set with Front Squat. 4 sets. starting with higher reps each set adding weight dropping reps then last set I drop the weight and hit higher reps again. I love the last set, I get such a great pump.

Leg press super set with laying leg curl. Same 4 sets

walking lunges with knee. 3 sets, high reps

8 sets calves. higher reps also

Since I am 7-8 weeks out from Jr. USA’s I am doing 50 min of AM cardio 7x a week. This AM I did my stepper in the garage. I am so spoiled have great cardio at my house! No need to leave… only to go to the grocery store 😉 just need a garden and raise some chicken lol.

Helping, Learning then Living!

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In different aspects of life you need to learn from the generation ahead of us. If you are not lucky enough to have a role model that you can look up to then you have to learn from YOUR own mistakes over and over again. When in the shadow of someone more experienced than you, you can reach those goals/dreams much faster. When you reach your goals faster than you can move onto your next dream before you ever thought you could.

It is good to learn some on your own but know when to ask for help. I HATE asking for help. But I have learned that some guidance is needed in life.  For all of you parents out there, be role models to your children or to a young person. It really does make a difference in a persons life.

My husband and I bought our first house about a month ago. We have learned so much in the past month. His dad and family are in town and whiling to come over everyday to work on renovating my own personal training studio. I have never been so thankful for HELP. My mom has came down several times to help me clean, paint, shop, decorate, etc! My step dad came once and helped frame the barn to renovate the studio. My dad helped my hubby move some of the huge cybex machines into the right spots as I (boss) lol 😉 wanted them! My step mom and my hubby’s mom helped clean all the equipment. In two weeks we were able to get everything up and running thanks to all the help! I cant forget about my brother in law, who helped us pick up the equipment 4 hours from home, put it in storage and move it in to the studio! My hubby has learned so much from his dad the last couple weeks from electrician work to roofing. I even had a client come over and paint with me 🙂

Sometimes you just need a Helping Hand. I have never been so thankful for an AMAZING support group around me. Hard work really does pay off!

Now time to focus on the Arnold Class my next competition!


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These two pics were taken the same day. Weight is 112.8 lbs that morning. The first picture I am NOT flexing the bottom picture I am. I decided to put these pictures on here because so many people think I am some huge bulky girl. Yet my tanktop is an xs from BCBG and pants are 00 from Black Market/ White House in the top picture. In the bottom picture nike sports bra is xs and pants xs.

So you think I am too BIG NOW? 😉

EliteFTS Article

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Client: Review

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Kelly’s Fit Lifestyle: Review

Kelly’s Fit Lifestyle has been the answer to all my fitness questions and has enabled me to think “I can” and “I will”. Owned and managed by Kelly Booth, she provides different personal training packages to fit a wide range of personal preferences, from online training to very personal 1:1 training sessions. She tailors to your own particular needs and is able to customize workouts to maximize results as she gets to know how your body responds to effective nutrition and exercise plans. No doubt, she will make sure you are pushing yourself outside of that comfort zone which will guarantee you achieve the results that you are looking for.

If you are a disciplined, self motivated person who is looking for above average results then Kelly is the right trainer for you. Whether you are trying to go all in and compete or you just want overall health and wellness, just make sure you have the discipline, consistency and dedication required to see great result through her program, she will provide the rest. In simple words “How bad do you really want it?”

I will admit I started out as a skeptic and was turned into a believer. I thought I was not capable of getting any further in my fitness journey, a forced complacency. Fast forward 10mo and I find myself 3mo away from doing a bikini competition for the first time! Talk about out of comfort zone and pushing my boundaries!

It has been a significant investment of time and money, but it has yielded lifetime results that cross over multiple aspects of my life. So I will encourage you to consider it and if you think you have what it takes don’t think it twice, you will be pleasantly surprised!




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Everyone has dreams in life! No matter how big or small. The only person that can get you to the finish line and further is you. YOU are the only one holding you back! Oh do I have dreams…. And daily I fight to get there. My dream will never die… never well until I do. My dream is to have the perfectly muscular yet lean feminine body. Everyday I have to re evaluate my dream. I do not want to get to look too thick, I do not want to hold on to too much fat, I do not want to look soft! My dream is a battle everyday. Not eating junk and getting in all my cardio and lifting. Yet resting the perfect amount. Some think my dreams are too extreme…. But that is why it is my dream J I follow my dreams because I want them, not to look “hot” for a guy but for ME! I don’t want to look like the average bikini model. I want veins shooting threw my abs and popping out my shoulders. I want to feel like a billion dollars… no one did if for me I had to bust my but to get my dream… my dream is priceless!!! No matter how many people tell me no you cant do that you are a female.. blah, blah, blah… I don’t care! Tunnel Vision!!! Never doubt yourself… NEVER! I find my passion for my dream deep inside me. What about your dreams?