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Super set week, Leg Day!

Posted March 27th, 2012 by Kelly with No Comments

Today’s lift was done at home in my studio… no mood to wait for machines when I am doing super sets!

Leg extension super set with Front Squat. 4 sets. starting with higher reps each set adding weight dropping reps then last set I drop the weight and hit higher reps again. I love the last set, I get such a great pump.

Leg press super set with laying leg curl. Same 4 sets

walking lunges with knee. 3 sets, high reps

8 sets calves. higher reps also

Since I am 7-8 weeks out from Jr. USA’s I am doing 50 min of AM cardio 7x a week. This AM I did my stepper in the garage. I am so spoiled have great cardio at my house! No need to leave… only to go to the grocery store 😉 just need a garden and raise some chicken lol.


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