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Kelly learned from a very young age the keys to healthy eating – balance, variety, and moderation. As a young girl, her mom would pack her lunch everyday for school and if she was lucky she would find a Hostess HoHo tucked away inside. However, Kelly’s mom would only buy one box every two weeks to be shared by her brother and herself and if they were gone to quickly they would simply have to wait until a new box arrived. She also remembers Friday night dinners when she was allowed one soda that she would either share with her meal or with stove popped popcorn. Kelly thinks back to these habits that have lead to her healthy approach to diet and nutrition throughout her life.

Not only did her family influence her food choices but they also played a significant role in her dedication to fitness. Kelly comes from a long line of dedicated health and wellness enthusiasts. She notes that her grandmother use to watch
“The Godfather of Fitness” Jack LaLanne on television.

As a child, Kelly was engaged in sport – playing tennis at the age of five and slow-pitch softball at the age of seven. By eleven, she was playing fast-pitch softball on a team coached by her father. Her dad took great pride in Kelly’s athleticism and he took her to as many clinics and camps possible so that she could master her skills. Kelly continued both tennis and softball throughout high school and believes they were essential in developing her work ethic from a very young age.

Upon graduating from high school, Kelly enrolled at the University of Cincinnati where she initially studied radiology before changing her major to health promotion within her first semester of coursework. Kelly knew very early on in her studies that her passion was “helping people get healthier.”

While a student, Kelly began to her days as a competitive athlete, so she became involved in group fitness classes on campus. She eventually became certified as a group fitness instructor as well as a personal trainer. It was here that Kelly says she began to “find my place in the world.” Kelly furthered her knowledge of training by becoming nationally certified through NSCA.

This still didn’t seem like enough to quench Kelly’s competitive spirit.

During Kelly’s junior year at UC, she trained and completed her first full marathon. Kelly found running, while a significant challenge, did it fill that void she was seeking in regards to competition. Kelly found through running, that her true passion within fitness was weight training. She loved lifting…….she loved lifting HARD and HEAVY weights.

During her senior year, while doing an internship with TriHealth and Procter & Gamble Kelly found two loves – and one was definitely not without the other. Kelly, with the encouragement of her new boyfriend whom she had met at the gym while interning, entered her first figure competition. It was here she truly found that competitive spirit she had been missing since her days playing tennis and softball.
Kelly was hired full-time by TriHealth after completion of her internship and remained with the company at the P&G fitness center for two years. Kelly is now the proud owner and CEO of Kelly’s Fit Lifestyle, LLC. She specializes in personal training either in person or online. She also remains a dedicated figure competitor.

Booth’s motto for self is simple: “I want to be the best I can be. I want to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle. I want to be prepared to go on stage ANY DAY or do a photo shoot with a day’s notice. I am the girl you see in the gym all the time – call me a gym rat or call me an athlete – I am me and I am happy with me. I want to be able to share this passion with all those inspired to be the best ‘me’ they can be.”